Mission Statement

We believe that we are called to be Doorkeepers of the House of the Lord to ensure that every person is greeted with a warm welcome, seated comfortably and provided with a bulletin to familiarize them with the order of service. We are also alert to actions surrounding the church and the congregation (such as fire or sickness).

Vision Statement

The usher vision is four-fold

  1. To increase the total number of committed Ushers
  2. View all ushers practicing radical hospitality
  3. Re-establish the junior ushers’ ministry.
  4. To be unified in all areas within the ministry of ushering


…Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere: I would rather be a doorkeeper in house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked.  Psalm 84:10

Focused Prayer

May we, in Church today fulfill our assignment in a CHRIST-LIKE way? Effective in each and everything we do. Understanding by the way we feel, helpful in our attitudes: Make us co-workers with the pastor, the church musicians, the teachers, the members and most of all Lord, with Thee. In the Name of Jesus WE pray.


  1. Prepare the next leader of the Ushers’ Ministry (AN ONGOING MINISTRY)
  2. Recognition banquet every third year (Give flower while they can be seen)

Practice Radical Hospitality

  • Responsibilities of each office documented
  • Different techniques in Ushering practiced regularly
  • Provide written guidelines for all ushers

Fellowship activities

  • Cook-outs
  • Trips
  • Game nights
  • Mentoring Activities
  • Team Lunches

Recognition banquet

  • Keep  a current list of all who have been honored.
  • Keep a current membership roster.
  • Keep a current list of those recognized by the organization


  • President                       S. Frances Glenn-Chalmers
  • Vice President              Sandra R. Hines
  • Recording Secretary     Gwendolyn Stewart
  • Financial Secretary       Olga Morency
  • Treasurer                       Dorrit Marshall


  • Mamie Dorsey O’Neal – Christopher Dunston – Anna Ekpenyong – Jeffrey Jackman – Wanda Hale Jones – Sonia Lawrence – Edna Little James Pinckney – Deloris Rodriguez –  Dorothy “Mae” Smith -Christine Spencer

Honorary Ushers

  • Charles Dawson – Walter Mitchell, Sr.

In 2022 we were sadden by the passing of Clarence Hogan Jr., and Estella Jones, however; we remained grateful to God for the time he allowed them to share in ministry with us.