Church History

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Joy Street Beacon Hill
Boston, MA
Shawmut Ave
Roxbury, MA
Warren Street
Roxbury, MA


Historic Twelfth Baptist Church, with a birth of 1840, is the oldest direct descendent of the African Baptist Church which was founded on Beacon Hill in Boston, Massachusetts in 1805. The church is now located in the Roxbury section of Boston. Over the years, preachers from the pulpit of Twelfth Baptist Church have preached of a common faith united in exploring what it means to be a people of God through the saving power and leadership of Jesus Christ.. They have proclaimed the Bible as the true, divine, authoritative, infallible, inspired word of God.

Throughout its history, Twelfth Baptist Church has served as a forum for champions of human rights and dignity such as William Lloyd Garrison, Frederick Douglas, Rev. Leonard A. Grimes, Rev. George Washington Williams, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and others.

From the anti-slavery cause of the 1800’s through the civil rights movement to the present day, Twelfth Baptist Church fostered a commitment to spiritual guidance and social action to the Greater Boston community.