Tithe.ly on Smart Devices

get Tithe.lyGet Tithe.ly get the app 

go the  Apple APP STORE or Android PLAY STORE and search for “Tithe.ly*

  1. Download App
  2. Install App
  3. Setup Your Account and credentials. 
  4. Set up Payment Source:  with you Debit Card or Bank Account.
  5. Log In:
  6. Choose: “Find Nearest Church” and search for Twelfth Baptist Church – Roxbury, MA 02119 if not shown, as the church to Gift.
  7. Choose “Give Now
  8. Choose Church: Choose Twelfth Baptist Church – Roxbury, MA as the church to Gift.
  9. Enter “Amount“, Enter Donation Type
  10. Choose “Give To
  11. Click Add Gift to add gift of additional Type
  12. Verify Payment Method
  13. Enter “Member ID” –Your Envelop Number 
  14. Enter Note – if desired
  15. Turn On “Cover card processing fees?” (if you want church to get entire gift.
  16. Turn on “Setup automated giving?” (if you want to setup automated giving)
  17. Finally press “Give xxx.xx” to process giving. (if it does not process, that’s because a previous task was not completed correctly.