Vision Statement

Pastor Gerald’s Vision Statement

My vision for the Historic Twelfth Baptist Church is to build a ministry that will build people of Purpose, of Power, of Praise and of Prayer! 

By doing this we will endeavor to advance the Kingdom work of God through presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ and providing ministries so the Sinners may become justified, the Saints sanctified, the Church edified, the Word of God magnified and Christ glorified!

PURPOSE is revealed by teaching and preaching the uncompromised Word of God.

POWER is revealed by the empowerment of the believers to fulfill his/her creative purpose.

PRAISE is revealed by and through the believer in their individual and corporate acts of worship.

PRAYER is talking to God. giving Him thanks, petitioning God for someone else.

Tenets of the Vision

1 Seek to honor Jesus Christ through meaningful worship and praise!

2 Seek to nourish and strengthen the believer through Bible teaching and  Prayer!

3 Seek to serve each other in and with unselfish love!

4 Seek to share the Gospel with the community around us with compassion for the Lost!